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Clefairy and the Moon Stone

This marked Brock's first full episode with the group, and it was a pretty good one at that. We were introduced to Zubat when the trio encountered a flock of them attacking the man who later introduced himself as Seymour the Scientist. Seymour was the first real nutcase we saw in the anime...that guy really needs to get out more, and I don't mean simply outside, but he was funny to watch. Brock also made his first capture of the series besides his two starters, catching (off-camera) one of the Zubat from outside. As Seymour showed them one of the caves of Mt. Moon, we saw Sandshrew and Paras for the first time in the anime as well. Then they encountered a Clefairy, so we were introduced to it too. Of course, Team Rocket was responsible for the lights that drove the Zubat out of the cave and confused the other Pokemon, so they made their appearance. This episode also showed the first one of what at the time wasn't done in the games but we're familiar with now, namely a 2-on-2 battle. In this case it was Butterfree and Zubat vs Ekans and Koffing. A stupid dub error showed itself here. Ash told Butterfree to use Whirlwind on the Smokescreen, and Brock told Zubat (for some reason) to use Double Team, but Zubat did the exact same thing Butterfree was doing, so Brock should have said Whirlwind as well, since Zubat can in fact learn it.
This episode was also the first time we saw Brock feed some of the group's Pokemon (in this case, just Pikachu, Butterfree, and Zubat) and talk about how he's always trying to perfect his Pokemon food recipes for each individual Pokemon. So that gave us a little more knowledge of Brock's character.
Later in the new cave, Pikachu trying to communicate to Ash what Clefairy had told it about the Moon Stone was funny. I like when it plucked off one of Ash's hairs. ^_^ Then another 2-on-2 match started, Onix and Pikachu vs Ekans and Koffing. Too bad it didn't progress, since the match turned out to be only a smokescreen (figuratively AND literally) for Team Rocket to steal the Moon Stone that the Clefairy had shown the trio and Seymour. Apparently, the Moon Stones from the games are just fragments of the bigger Moon Stone we saw here. One of the Clefairy bringing Seymour his glasses was cute, maybe that's how he started to bond with them and decide to live with them at the end of the episode.
We were also introduced to another of Misty's Pokemon in this episode, Staryu, when she used it to keep Meowth away from the Clefairy. Staryu's Swift was cool, and I like how its Water Gun inflated Meowth and then made it fly away like an untied balloon. I like how Brock used Onix in this episode, to follow Team Rocket underground and then block their escape. There was another "counterattack" dub error here, like the one in "Ash Catches a Pokemon". Oh well. Then all the Clefairy reached the scene and we were introduced to their Metronome attack, which I assume turned out to be Explosion.
So did Pokemon really come from space, like they discussed in the episode? Was their spaceship really the Moon Stone? Like Misty said, it's a fun theory to think about, at least. I like the scene at the end where Ash found that little taunting note from Gary on the sign for Cerulean and rushed off to catch up. Misty saying "What's the rush?" right after they saw the sign for Cerulean was a subtle but good hint as to what would happen in the next episode.

Geodude's rating: 8 out of 10