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The Evolution Solution

Ah, my favorite episode in all of Kanto is also one of the funniest. The situation at the beginning was funny, what with Brock and Misty getting invited to the Seafoam Islands with Delia and her friends, while Ash had to stay home and train for the Pokemon League. Then Ash found Prof. Oak trying to figure out why Slowpoke evolve into Slowbro and got "an excellent excuse...uh, I mean reason" (as the narrator put it) to join his friends in the Seafoam Islands, so they could meet Prof. Westwood and see if he could figure out the problem. Seeing Brock and Misty try their hand at windsurfing was cool. I liked their little conversation:

Brock: "Ash, you're supposed to be training!"
Misty: "I knew he'd goof off if we left him."
Ash: "I came here to do some
special training!"
Misty: "Did he say training or tanning?...Aaaaahhh!"
(then she fell in the water)

Professor Westwood has got to be one of the funniest characters in the history of the Pokemon anime. He got some great quotes in this episode.

"Ah, Professor is much too formal, my friends and associates all call me Westwood the Fifth."

Misty: "Togepi sure is cute, isn't it?"
Westwood: "Yeah, and I'm updating all my research materials about the rarest legendary Pokemon."
Brock: "I'm into legendary Pokemon, Westwood 5, you must have tons of information on 'em!"
Westwood: "Only what I've created myself because I'm not convinced most of them exist. Right now I'm working on a fictional account of the subject."
Misty: "You mean you're making stuff up?"
Westwood: "Aaaahh! Well I guess you could say I'm making stuff up, I suppose....Forgive me, Westwood the First, the Second, the Third, the Fourth, the Fifth!...I forgot, that one's me!"
Ash: "He's a little...eccentric..."
Brock: "I think it's probably hereditary, he must have gotten it from Westwoods One through Four."

After that, we saw Slowpoke introduced through Ash's Pokedex as "the Dopey Pokemon."

Misty: "It's not very nice to call Slowpoke 'dopey'. Is that what you called it, Westwood the Fifth?"
Westwood: "Eh, maybe one of my assistants wrote that particular entry. But 'dopey' does sound like an accurate technical description of Slowpoke's mental capacity."

Seeing Psyduck and Slowpoke interact, and the inevitable jokes to follow, were funny too. Then the scene cut to Team Rocket on the beach and we get to hear about what happened right after their HQ was destroyed. I thought James' quote was funny:

"First the boss has us swabbing the deck of his yacht, and now he's got us digging for clams like a couple of clam diggers!"

Then Meowth said to "keep digging till you hit China" when he was yelling at J&J, what's up with that? A rare reference to a real-world location in the Pokemon anime. Oh well... This episode also marked what I think was the first time Team Rocket did a dramatic Pokeball toss and said "I choose you!" when calling out a Pokemon (like Ash does), as evidenced when Jessie said:

Jessie: "You're acting like that twerp."
James: "I just wanted to be in his goody-two-shoes!"

Weezing KOed Shellder with just a Tackle (kinda) and a Haze? Weird and lame, but oh well. Funny how Jessie stepped in and caught Shellder after James had battled it. Watching how Meowth dealt with his jealousy of Giovanni's Persian was cute as well, namely that scene with the milk and straw. The "Team Rockedex" was funny, as was Westwood's quote when he realized what might happen, but wasn't going to:

"Oh no! They have some nefarious plot to kidnap me and make me their slave! They want my superior intellect to help rule the planet! Please, the First, the Second, the Third, the Fourth, the Fifth, you gotta help me, save me for the sake of the Westwoods!...Oh I forgot again, that's me."

Later when Psyduck was trying to battle TR, Shellder clamped onto its tail and Ash said, "It's gonna be a Psybro!" Funny stuff. But why was Weezing intentionally bumping Psyduck on the head instead of doing a real attack? Odd, but we all know what comes next right? Shellder clamped onto Psyduck's head, increasing its headache, Psyduck used Disable and then Confusion, blasting off TR...kind of. Then Slowpoke tripped and Shellder ended up clamping onto its tail anyway, making it evolve into Slowbro. But TR wasn't completely blasted off so they charged back to get Slowbro. During the next scene with Slowpoke having forgotten Mega Punch, it was revealed that Amnesia works differently in the anime than in the games, interesting. Slowbro's Mega Punch was cool too. And the explanation given as to why Shellder changes when Slowbro evolves, and why they link together in the first place, was well done. The scene at the end was funny too with Psyduck wanting to say goodbye to Slowbro but taking forever to do it.

A great episode overall. A couple of very minor flaws but the funny scenes and quotes more than make up for them in my opinion. And it had the sole appearance of Professor Westwood, who really deserves a return.

Geodude's rating: 9 out of 10