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Mystery at the Lighthouse

This was quite an interesting episode, especially for anyone watching it who was very new to Pokemon. I liked the little recap at the beginning of Ash's full team and number of badges, and how Misty and Brock were saying that he should catch more Pokemon. He encountered and caught Krabby without too much difficulty, and it was revealed and explained that a trainer can only carry 6 Pokemon at once, while any others are automatically transported to where they got their Pokedex. The trio found Bill's lighthouse and used his phone to call Prof. Oak to check on Krabby. The ensuing dialogue and jokes by the writers about eating Pokemon were kind of amusing and disturbing at the same time. I wonder if it's more than a coincidence that talk like that was never again heard in the anime.
Then Bill was introduced, and the trio's initial confusion over whether his costume was a real Kabuto or not was funny. I wonder if a the writers took that Pokemon costume idea for a certain character in the Pokemon Advance Generation episodes...those who have kept up with the spoilers know who I mean. I like how when Ash said that he'd only caught 7 Pokemon, the pictures of those 7 were circled on Bill's wall automatically. It was an interesting graphical way of showing the message of the episode...that there is much to be discovered about Pokemon.
Team Rocket's quote when deciding how to approach the lighthouse was least I thought so, and totally in-character for them:

Jessie: "If we want to be criminals, we always have to do things the hard way!"
James: "Then we'll be...hardened criminals."

When the Pokemon that Bill had been waiting for appeared, it seemed kind of mysterious, what with it being dark and foggy. I guess to someone who was still very new to Pokemon, it would have achieved the desired effect, as well as the dialogue about it being the only one of its kind, but most of us now know that it was an unusually large Dragonite. It was hardly the only one of its kind, unless that meant its size. Too bad Team Rocket had to scare it away, but I like how James was having regrets about it. And oh yeah, this episode marks the only time in the anime we've ever seen Brock dance with Misty. Make of that what you will, but just because a guy asks a girl to dance doesn't mean he's in love with her or anything.
I like how the episode hinted at the end that there could be many more than 150 Pokemon on Earth, which of course we now know to be true. Interesting that Bill said near the beginning "on *this* planet there are 150 known species of Pokemon" (with the emphasis on "this"). Was that a dub error, or was it a hint that there are Pokemon on other planets? Interesting.
All in all, it was a pretty good episode, although it kind of lost its mysterious effect now that we know what the mystery Pokemon was and now that 236 more Pokemon have been "discovered". And of course we got to see Ash catch his first reserve Pokemon. But for its time, the desired effect of the episode was well-done.

Geodude's rating: 7.5 out of 10