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A Crowning Achievement

Not a bad title. I thought the episode started off funny, what with Brock's funny faces and failed attempt to cheer up Larvitar. But now even the announcer mispronounced Larvitar's name! Is this an epidemic or what? Anyway... I thought the idea of the legend being told through hieroglyphics instead of purely word of mouth was cool. Nice to meet another Professor in the anime too, although he seemed to be an archaeologist like Prof. Hale instead of a Pokemon Prof. like Oak. I forgot his and his daughters' names, but I found it interesting that her Slowpoke had a human nickname--Arthur. That doesn't happen often in the anime, at least from what I can remember, where Pokemon are given human nicknames. I liked the whole test of strength and ability thing for the Slowpoke to try and reach the King's Rock before getting bitten by a Shellder. I liked how Forretress used Rapid Spin to trip up Team Rocket, and their smokescreen machine was funny when it backfired. It was cool when Arthur evolved into Slowking; I thought it sounded kinda like the Slowking from the second movie.

For a filler, this was a very solid episode.

Geodude's rating: 8 out of 10