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An EGG-sighting Adventure!

This was easily the funniest Master Quest episode, and one of the funniest in all of the anime. It was funny to see TR thinking that Ash's egg might hatch into a Zapdos, Articuno, or Moltres. If I remember correctly, they had the same hopes for the egg that eventually became Togepi. I liked James' comment: "Or maybe it's just something to eat with ham, bacon, or sausage on the side." And then Jessie said that whether it was a Pokemon or breakfast, they'd steal it anyway. Funny stuff. When TR snuck into the Pokemon Center, we got to see Meowth's lock-picking claws again, that was cool. They were " mouse" another interesting reference to animals in the anime. When they reached the trio's room, I realize that their having Meowth on that fishing pole to grab the egg set the stage for parts of the rest of the episode, but why did they do that in the first place? Why didn't they just walk up and take the egg? Anyway, it was funny when they thought Brock had heard their arguing and woken up but he was actually talking to a girl in his sleep. I loved James' comment: "The boy appears to be dealing with some issues." I liked seeing Togepi do something useful again, it used Metronome to Teleport the egg away, which raises a question about Metronome in the anime. Togepi's has come up with Teleport several times, so maybe in a crisis the Pokemon can summon energy to actually control what attack Metronome uses? Anyway that's another topic. That baby Kangaskhan (out of its pouch? nice) and its mother finding the egg was cool, it reintroduced us to Kangaskhan who we haven't seen in ages. I liked the mother's little call into the forest, it was as if she was saying, "Hey, anyone lose an egg?"
Ash's dream about the egg was funny, with it cracking into smaller and smaller eggs before it disappeared completely. Then he woke up to find it gone while Brock still talked in his sleep. Seeing Brock fall in love with that airhead of an Officer Jenny (or should I say Detective Jenny?) was hilarious. Not sure why Misty wondered how she could be both an officer and a detective though, since a lot of police work does involve detective work. Jenny showed she did have at least a few clues though, she called out her Growlithe to track the egg using Ash's scent, but it was hilarious to see just WHERE (or close to where) Growlithe sniffed for Ash's scent. Our world's dogs do that, so it was realistic but funny. It was cool to see Exeggcute again when they found that nest, haven't seen them in a long time either.
Jenny was a total airhead throughout the whole episode, and when she made some more ridiculously funny comments in the woods, Brock asked her to marry him, and Misty said, "Maybe they really are meant for each other." Funny stuff again.
Jenny's account of how she thought Brock stole the egg was hilarious! "Why should I be the only one without an egg? Why oh why?" "I can't do this! I shouldn't do this, but I can't help myself!" At least when they found scratches on the outside doorknob as well, she investigated further and did something cool and sensible by having her Jumpluff scatter spores to make the footprints show up in the room and hallway. And then she even accused ASH of stealing the egg, just because the footprints didn't go all the way to the desk and he had a Bayleef that could Vine Whip the rest of the way. But then they followed the trail and saw Pokemon prints, and it was funny to see Jenny think they were from a Suicune or Wooper (way too small and big respectively), she obviously doesn't know her Pokemon too well. A little farther down they found TR's faceprints in the spores, finally cluing them in. Brock then realized that TR's Victreebel could've used Vine Whip to take the egg. Right perpetrators, wrong method, but at least they were finally on the right track. When they found that Kangaskhan with the egg, seeing Ash use gestures to try to make it understand was funny. He probably didn't need to, since we all know most Pokemon can pretty much understand English, but that's what made it funny. Jenny's theory of Kangaskhan fighting TR for the egg was false of course, but funny and at least it made sense. It was quite ironic that Kangaskhan did get the credit it deserved for keeping the egg safe, but for the wrong reason. It even battled for real to help them out, using its signature move, Dizzy Punch. A stupid dub mistake though, Jessie told Arbok to use a Fang attack.
I liked at the end when Jenny mentioned how tough a case this was, what with all its twists and turns, and Misty said, "You sure it was the case that was twisting and turning?"
Officer Jenny, the hilarious dialogue, and the appearances of a couple Pokemon we haven't seen in ages really saved this episode from being another filler. As mentioned, there were a few problems, but they didn't drag the score down too much.

Geodude's rating: 8.5 out of 10