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A Parent Trapped!

Cool episode. Luka is a really developed minor character and it's cool that she's in this whole saga (doesn't hurt that she looks and sounds cute). Lugia showed its power to control the elements again when it whipped up that storm out of anger over Silver being missing. Its Aeroblast looked cool too, although different from teh second movie. I guess the Lugia in the second movie might have been stronger. I thought it was cool how Ash, Richie, and their Pikachu were able to calm it down though, and when its rage stopped, Luka's Silver Wing pin stopped glowing.
I'm starting to think Richie might have a future as a detective. He showed a bit of analytical skill in the previous episode (even if it was over something fairly obvious) and he continued to do so here, figuring out that TR must have Silver in an underwater base. Or maybe he just thinks faster than the regular trio. When Ash called out Totodile to help Misty's Water Pokemon look for that base, Totodile started dancing as usual, paused, realized there was nothing under it (with a little question mark in a thought balloon) and fell into the water. I thought that was a really cute (albeit possibly unintentional) tribute to the old Warner Bros. cartoons with Wile E. Coyote doing the same pause-and-fall thing while chasing the Road Runner. Anyway, TR's base rising to the surface was kinda cool. Meanwhile, Jessie, James, and Meowth getting trapped in that tank in the base that filled up with water was funny and even a little bit suspenseful. It was like, you knew they were gonna be ok in the end but you still had to wonder how it would happen.
When TR put Silver in its cage on the shore as bait for the parent Lugia, we all knew Ash and Richie didn't have much of a chance keeping Lugia away just using their Pikachu, then Cyndaquil and Charmeleon, but they tried anyway. The episode also introduced the rage devices on Butch's Hitmontop and Cassidy's Houndour. With their enraged attacks, they managed to defeat our heroes, even Misty's Poliwhirl. I had to wonder why Brock didn't try Crobat's Supersonic, but anyway, Lugia hit the four friends with a strong Aeroblast, knocking them all out. It was interesting that they showed them lying there like that, obviously badly beaten up. The episode ended with another cliffhanger, with Ash awaking to discover that he, Brock, Misty, and Richie were all trapped in a cage.
A great episode, with a good buildup to the next one, the best and final one of the series.

Geodude's rating: 9 out of 10