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A Promise is a Promise

Ah, an excellent finale to the Lugia saga. The way Jessie explained her reason for wanting to let the "twerps" out of their cage was funny:

Jessie: "We'll coerce those creeps into creating chaos, causing a calamity, and in the uncontrolled commotion we'll capture those condors!"
James: "Brilliant use of the letter C!"

They wanted to catch the two Lugia and steal the glory from Butch and Cassidy. Trying to catch it by themselves wasn't too bright of course, but typical of J&J. That's why we love 'em. It was funny how Jessie and James told Oliver that they were superheroes when they gave him the code to unlock the cage. He then entered the room through an air vent and unlocked the cage before Namba could stop him, that was cool.
When this episode first aired I was impressed at Ash's strength upon being released. He headbutted Namba, knocking the wind out of him, ripped off the metal arm that was reaching for Pikachu with the provoker device, and used it to smash the machine. Very cool, I guess Ash is stronger than he looks. I have to wonder why Richie didn't think to use Cruise, his Rock/Ground-type Pupitar, when they found Silver and had to battle Namba, but Pikachu and Sparky did a great job and defeated Namba's Electabuzz, despite it wearing the provoker device. That battle also showed a rare use of Light Screen in the anime, by Electabuzz who did it twice. The message from that battle was good and tied in with the rest of the anime in that, the best way to bring out a Pokemon's true power is not by artifical means or force, but by trust.
When J&J got caught trying to  take Lugia for themselves, they put up a cool battle against Butch and Cassidy's Houndour and Hitmontop. James even had the sense to get Victreebel to use Vine Whip to counter Hitmontop's Rapid Spin, something like how Ash and Bulbasaur did it in the "Two Hits and a Miss" episode. I bet the Rockets didn't count on their Pokemon getting knocked back into the machine maintaining the forcefield and accidentally releasing Lugia though.
Lugia's Aeroblasts looked really cool, and I bet Namba hadn't expected it to be released and as enraged as it was even without using his provoker. Our heroes were able to calm it down though, by bringing Silver to it, and Lugia then protected them from falling debris by using Safeguard, which seems to work a little differently in the anime than in the games. They all got out in the nick of time, and all was well...except for Prof. Namba and the Rocket Grunts, who were left floating in the water, clinging to pieces of debris, completely defeated.
As mentioned, this was an excellent, action-packed episode, making a great finale to the Lugia saga.

Geodude's rating: 10 out of 10