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Around the Whirlpool

Hmmm, a passable title. Certainly could have been worse. Anyways, it was funny when both the "twerps" and Team Rocket got blasted off from the boat. They called out their Water Pokemon to save them from the whirlpools and we finally got to see Misty's Goldeen again. That poor thing is a trooper, but always gets the short end of the stick in the anime. Anyway, when Elm's Corsola and Capt. Marias' Tentacruel rescued them, Misty again showed her fondness for Tentacruel, which is a little disturbing, but amusing at the same time. Team Rocket had another standard plan, but it was cool that for once we got to see one of the Professors battle (when Elm used Corsola to defeat them) instead of a regular trainer. Misty really showed a lot of determination in this episode (or fire, spunk, stubbornness, whatever you wanna call it) when it came to both entering the Whirl Cup and catching a Corsola. Just a little better than your standard filler, this episode gets a higher rating because of its timing and being a solid beginning to what is mostly an excellent season of Pokemon.

Geodude's rating: 7 out of 10