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Entei At Your Own Risk

Another pointless joke, but more tolerable than some of the recent titles. Ironic how at the beginning Ash was treating Larvitar like Misty treats Togepi, and Misty was saying he should train it to be a strong Pokemon, not baby it like that. She needs to take her own advice.  I thought it was kind of odd how the Fire-types Houndour and Houndoom were willingly relaxing in the hot springs, but being a Rock-type Larvitar didn't want to, and Brock didn't put his Rock types in there. I guess it was easier for the Fire types to take though, because the water was hot, so it wouldn't have done damage to them or anything, while it still probably would have hurt the Rock types. And it's already been shown that some Fire types are OK underwater (like Ash's Cyndaquil from the Pryce battle).
Anyway, it was cool that Geodude finally did something useful again, even if it was just to push Larvitar onto the hot sand, which Larvitar ended up liking. I liked how Ash used his Pokemon to escape from TR's van and how he remembered the trick about using Flamethrower and Water Gun repeatedly on metal to weaken it, then breaking through with Razor Leaf (he's had his Pokemon do it before). I liked the Spider-Man-style Vine Whip Bayleef used to get them out too. This was also the first appearance of Misdreavus in the anime. I thought it was cool. It had a cute dub voice, and Nelson was pretty determined to use it to catch Entei. Funny how Ash didn't remember about Mean Look from his battle with Morty, but oh well, it didn't make that much of a difference.
Of course, it was the first appearance of Entei in the anime as well, aside from the 3rd movie. The episode also correctly explained the use of Mean Look and, later, how Roar can cancel its effects. Also when they told all their Pokemon to attack the cyclone created by TR's machine, Brock didn't directly order it, but it certainly looked like Onix was using Sandstorm, so that was a first. Also, Pineco noticing Brock's determination to get it back and evolving to clog up the machine was cool.
Very cool episode, with one Pokemon evolving, another (fairly) rare Pokemon making its first appearance, one of the trio's Pokemon using a new attack for the first time, and a Legendary Pokemon appearing in its first episode. Other than the few minor mistakes mentioned above, I can't complain about this one too much.

Geodude's rating: 8.5 out of 10