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Espeon, Not Included

A somewhat lame, but tolerable and descriptive title. I was a little confused at first when Brock mentioned Sakura having four beautiful sisters "--but that's not important." I think he just added that to avoid some kind of comment from Misty though. :-) The introduction was totally reused from when they first met Sakura, but at least it served to show us Espeon in the anime for the first time.
I'm surprised Sakura's sisters didn't get suspicious of the disguised Jessie and James when James talked in his normal voice while dressed in a female wig and kimono. J&J leading Arbok and Victreebel in a dance routine was hilarious! I was surprised at how smooth they were, they actually managed to pull off their plan to steal the Eevee forms without slipping up...except when James lost his wig. It turns out that the title wasn't just a lame pun, it was actually descriptive of how TR got away with the four other Eeveeloutions but missed Espeon, since Sakura wasn't there. I liked James' comment about how all their late nights dancing with Arbok and Victreebel finally paid off. I also thought it was funny how badly Jessie wanted Espeon, and her reaction when realizing it wasn't there.
I liked Misty's little recap of the Whirl Cup competition, and how she couldn't resist rubbing it in that she'd made it farther than Ash. Misty's battle with her Corsola against Sakura's Espeon was pretty good. It was great that Corsola won, it made up for it losing to that Chinchou in the Whirl Cup.
When Sakura's sisters told everyone about their Pokemon being taken, it was interesting how Sakura seemed to understand Espeon when it was making that suggestion. Maybe it was talking to her psychically? When Sakura and Misty left to plan it out, Ash actually got to pull Brock's ear like Misty usually does! It looked like he did it kinda roughly too, that was funny.
When they found TR, I liked how we saw a Ruby/Sapphire-style 2 vs 2 battle, with Misty and Sakura against Jessie and James. And when they called out Arbok and Victreebel, they started dancing again! They must have liked it. There was even a little bit of a difference in how Pikachu finally blasted TR off. It usually sends a big Thunderbolt that shocks them all, but this time it aimed the Thunderbolt right at the balloon's burner, making it explode as usual. That was an interesting shortcut.
I liked how Sakura's actions in the episode proved to her sisters that she was ready to start out on her own, and how she chose to start her own journey at Violet City, the first gym. Sounds like she wants to challenge the gyms and collect the badges, that's cool.
Nothing terribly exciting happened in this episode, but the reappearance of old characters (the sisters) and an old friend (Sakura) is always nice, as well as Misty winning a battle. And I always like hearing in the anime about a new trainer starting off on a journey of his or her own. Too bad the other Eeveeloutions besides Espeon hardly did anything, but the episode was meant to focus on Sakura and Espeon, and it served that purpose well.

Geodude's rating: 7 out of 10