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Fly Me to the Moon

This episode scores what a sports fan might call a "come-from-behind victory". It started off kinda slow and seeming like an average filler, what with Misty wanting to cross the whirlpools and follow the Corsola, and the trio meeting the caretaker of Pudgy Pidgey Isle (forgot his name, sorry). But about halfway through, when everything was revealed about the Pidgey named Orville's dream of flying higher than any Pokemon ever had before, the episode started to get interesting. Team Rocket disguised themselves as meteorologists and offered to help, not to be nice guys, but to see if the Pidgey could do it and would therefore be worth stealing. But it was really cool how Meowth turned out to genuinely want Orville to fulfill its dream, because Meowth had gone through the same thing. A Pidgey flying as high as that one ended up doing is totally unrealistic, but the episode really made it sound believable with the dialogue between Meowth and Orville and how Meowth was encouraging it. The ending was great too. After Team Rocket accidentally blasted themselves off, Orville must have found them, because Meowth was asking it questions about if the moon looks the same from here and stuff. One of the better endings in the anime.

Geodude's rating: 8 out of 10