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Great Bowls of Fire!

Good points (no particular order):
-Ash's happy reunion with Charizard (which, as mentioned, I missed...darn Shaw Cable)
-seeing Lisa and Charla again
-we got to see Dragonair manipulate the weather
-seeing Charizard battle Dragonite
-we got to see Onix and Geodude in action again, as Brock used them to help put out the fire and save the trapped Pokemon, and we also got to see Onix's Rock Throw, which is rare
-although it wasn't called by name, we kind of got to see Rain Dance (or at least its equivalent) in the anime for the first time, as Dragonair summoned the thunderclouds, and then as Pikachu followed it up with Thunder, we saw the Rain Dance/Thunder combo used in the anime for the first time
-Pikachu, Dragonair, Charizard (and I think Charla) combining attacks against Dragonite, and Dragonite's Hyper Beam getting caught in the vortex
-Charizard twice saved someone from a close-range Hyper Beam from Dragonite (first TR, then later Ash)
-an explanation of the Outrage attack, although Outrage wasn't used by name
-Dragonite's remorse at the end, showing that it really wasn't evil, just confused
-at the end, Charizard burned Ash with a Flamethrower again, but this time it was for a "good-luck kiss", as Lisa put it

other interesting points:
-Brock called out Onix and Geodude despite the rain that Dragonair had summoned, yet they, Charla, and Charizard didn't seem to be bothered much by it. It wasn't raining heavily or anything, just a normal shower, but still interesting.

bad points:
-Outrage and Rain Dance weren't used by name

Geodude's rating: 9.5 out of 10