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Hatching a Plan

Ah, so the egg finally hatched. I knew before I saw this episode that it was going to be a Phanpy, but it was cool to see it hatch anyway. Some people might have thought Ash was a little mean to Phanpy at first when he couldn't get it to go in its ball, but it was his first time dealing with a newly hatched Pokemon, so we can chalk that up to inexperience. As Brock pointed out, Phanpy had not yet been trained to respond to Ash's commands. I felt bad for Pikachu after it accidentally shocked Phanpy; Pikachu was really down about it, and had to be comforted by Ash about three times. As far as it actually successfully shocking Phanpy goes, yes it is a Ground-type, but as Brock said, that steel arm of Team Rocket's drew the current straight to it. Besides, the shock wore off after a while, so Phanpy didn't take any real damage from it, it was just stunned, being newly hatched and all. It was interesting in the episode that Team Rocket found out Phanpy's type advantage over Pikachu, since the writers seem to occasionally "forget" that Electric attacks can't hurt Ground types. But there were no mistakes in this case, so that's cool. Meowth painting its tail to look like Phanpy was funny in a weird way, I can't believe he did that. After Phanpy and Pikachu were captured, and Phanpy realized Team Rocket couldn't be trusted, I thought it was cool how Pikachu cheered it up (making them both feel better) and how they worked together to roll the cage down the hill and break free. Later, when Ash saved Phanpy from going over the waterfall, it was a pretty cool show of athleticism, twisting around and throwing the rope up to Brock like that, especially since Ash and Phanpy were falling over at the time. But that was the best part of the episode, and it only lasted a minute or two. The rest was relatively standard, but a bit better than the standard Johto Journeys filler since Ash got a new addition to his team.

Geodude's rating: 6 out of 10