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Hatch Me if You Can

Another pointless gag on the title, possibly inspired by the recent movie "Catch Me if You Can" (just the title itself, not the movie). Anyway, we got to see the egg hatch, and our first look at Larvitar in the anime. Throughout the episode, though, it really bugged me how they pronounced Larvitar's name. The announcer said it right at the end, but the characters didn't! I mean, c'mon, it's "Larv-i-tar," not "Larv-ae-tar." That aside, it was a decent episode overall. The sequence when the Profs. and Delia were talking about scary monsters and seeing Ash again was funny, as was the face Delia made. It's the first time we've seen Ash deal with a newborn Pokemon with problems (as opposed to Phanpy, who had a normal birth). The shared dream sequence was kinda weird, but nothing we haven't read in fanfics before. Although some of the dialogue was kinda corny, like the "this is called a field" and "that's the sky, it stretches on forever" stuff, I liked the sequences with Ash trying to get Larvitar comfortable with the world around it. Team Rocket's latest machine was weird in a funny way. And for only the second ever time, we got to see Hidden Power used in the anime. (Larvitar's Hidden Power was apparently Psychic.) Overall, not nearly as good as some of the more recent episodes, but not too bad. An episode with a newly hatched Pokemon deserves at least a bit better treatment.

Geodude's rating: 5 out of 10