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Here's Lookin' At You, Elekid!

Great episode. I like just about all the recurring characters, and seeing Casey again was cool, she's just as perky as ever. At first I thought Meganium's dub voice was a bit odd, but I realized it seemed to be kind of a natural progression of her Bayleef's voice. It's funny how she was teasing Ash because his Bayleef hadn't evolved yet. Elekid seemed mean at first when it stole Larvitar's apple, but I liked how they ended up being friends. A little dub mistake too, Ash's Pokedex said Elekid is the evolved form of Electabuzz.  I knew about Victreebel leaving already, but the whole sequence where it happened was funny. And it showed, like Cheesemon said, that TR really does care for their Pokemon. Speaking of which, seeing James so broken up over losing Victreebel despite all the munchings was funny. Seeing Meganium battle was cool, and its Solarbeam looked really powerful. Seeing Phanpy battle again was cool, it was doing great until it got hit with that supereffective Vine Whip. 
Casey's song at the end proved she's still a nutcase, which in my mind, makes her a cool character. 
And BTW that's two episodes in a row now where Brock used Forretress to battle...good sign. 

Aside from that little dub mistake, I have no complaints about this episode.

Geodude's rating: 9.5 out of 10