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Hi Ho Silver...Away!

This was one of the rare so-called "fillers" that didn't feature any specific fact only a few actually appeared in the episode besides Pikachu and Togepi. Instead, it focused on the trio learning about the legend of the Silver Wing, which turned out to be a good build-up for the upcoming episodes.
Our introduction to Arienne was cool, seeing her expose that fake Silver Wing salesman. Then she took the trio to meet her "friend' Generaux so he could tell them more. They found him and his Sandslash collapsed from exhaustion and overwork. It was funny how Arienne and Generaux were arguing about it. Misty's comment about the argument was funny:

Misty: "I think they call that a lover's quarrel. Looks like you might be out of luck this time too, huh Brock?"
Brock: (hangs his head) "Oh, to have loved and lost."

Generaux's story about the legend of the Silver Wing was cool, and it was interesting how the pictures of it showed the sailors with their Water Pokemon helping them, I thought that was a cool touch. I also thought it was cool how Generaux used his Sandslash's Sand-Attack to shine up his jewelry, the particular one we saw being his birthday present for Arienne. It was funny how Generaux explained his plans using the phrases "pop the question" and "take the plunge" and Ash had no idea what he meant, and then Misty had to explain that Generaux was going to ask Arienne to marry him. It was also quite ironic how Misty was encouraging Generaux to go right up there and tell her how he feels. Funny how she can easily encourage others to do that, but can't confront her own situation in the same way. The next day when they met in town, Misty did it again, this time even yelling at him and ordering him to do it, with Generaux responding, "Yes, ma'am," as if he was talking to a teacher or something. That was quite amusing.
Then TR started sucking up all the Silver Wing jewelry, with James exclaiming: "I'm so giddy my nose is tickling!" After Noctowl punched a hole in TR's balloon and our heroes caught up to them to get the jewelry back, I was surprised to see Pikachu actually losing against Arbok and Weezing. Gotta give TR the upper hand every now and then I guess. It was cool how Generaux's Sandslash jumped in then and used Sandstorm (first time seeing that in the anime) to bounce the Sludge and Poison Sting attacks right back at Arbok and Weezing. Then came another funny quote:

Generaux: "Sandslash..."
Arienne: " a Swift attack now!"
Generaux: "Hey, that's my line!"

As TR was being blasted off, they found out that the jewelry they'd initially bought was fake, and were disappointed. I wouldn't have thought it would have mattered much to them, as selling fake stuff doesn't seem out of their league. But I guess they were disappointed because they paid for the real thing only to get fakes.
When Generaux finally found the box with his present, he was still nervous about approaching Arienne with it. Then it was Brock's turn to spur him on by saying: "Drum up some courage or I'm gonna do it!" Then Arienne figured it out and got Generaux to finally say it, that was cute, with his Sandlash adding some extra encouragement by stomping on his foot.
Then our heroes went through the cave to Ogey Isle and encountered Richie's Sparky, which was a nice way to lead into the next episode.
A very cool episode serving as a good prequel to the Lugia saga, and that really helps its score.

Geodude's rating: 8 out of 10