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Mantine Overboard!

An excellent episode. It started off with the trio missing their ferry, meeting Luca, and getting a ride with her on her boat to Red Rock Isle.When Luca explained about the Silver Wing and how she was exploring the waters to find it and clear her grandfather's name, it was funny how Ash and Brock were so enthused about wanting to help. I was a little surprised Misty didn't insist right away on going down with them to see all the Water Pokemon, but she did later. Pikachu was really cute in this episode, how it didn't want Ash to go underwater without it, and then its little "conversation" with Brock and Misty after it was outfitted with little scuba gear. Team Rocket was, of course, nearby and wanted to steal the Silver Wing. We also got to see the Magikarp sub they used in the second movie again, so that was cool. (And that's not the only reference to the second movie we'll be seeing in the next few episodes...) I liked their quote:

Jessie: Minimal effort with maximum profit! That's the Team Rocket way!
James: Ooooo...I love us!

They did two really funny things in this episode: 1) their projection screen motto (complete with "The End"!) and 2) listening to what was going on in the good guys' boat through a stethoscope! Luca's Magikarp were surprisingly competent, so that was good. I thought it was funny how Misty got the chance to use Ash's Pokedex when they encountered Mantine, since he couldn't carry it in his wetsuit. When Team Rocket attacked, I liked how Totodile, Corsola, and Staryu were able to quickly free Mantine and the Remoraid from the net. I guess it was a little easier underwater since TR didn't have the advantage of height. I'm not sure how Ash understood that Mantine was saying that it could take Pikachu and catch Team Rocket, but it was ok. I thought that the scene where Pikachu climbed off Mantine and knocked on the eye of TR's Magikarp sub, only to Thunderbolt them, was hilarious. This episode was an excellent continuation of the chain of events that led up to the Lugia saga.

Geodude's rating: 9 out of 10