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Octillery the Outcast!

This episode was just a filler before the Whirl Cup, but it was a decent one. Too bad Corsola lost, but that was only so Marcellus' Remoraid could evolve into Octillery. Speaking of which, I thought Octillery had a really strange dub voice. Anyway, then we got to see Ash and Misty battle in the qualifying rounds. Too bad we only saw about one attack in each battle, but I guess within the time frame it couldn't be helped. Misty's reaction when that Magikarp was sent out against her Poliwhirl was funny. Ash and Misty really showed some affection for each other in this episode, hoping each other would make it to the finals, and asking how each other's rounds went. We got to see Ash dress up as a Pokemon again, that's always funny.  (First time he's done that since the episode when his mom got her Mr. Mime.) It happened when he reluctantly put on an Octillery costume to try to cheer up Marcellus' Octillery, since its Remoraid friends didn't recognize it. Team Rocket's lines upon entering Marcellus' place to steal the Remoraid were hilarious, as was Marcellus totally being unimpressed after their saying the motto. When they first entered, it went like this:

Jessie: Aaaahh! It's my wretched recurring Remoraid nightmare come true!
James: I see no resemblance to that first grade teacher of yours.
Jessie: Well that's a relief, but you can't blame me, Ms. Crabtree was really scary.

And when Wobbuffet popped out, Jessie complained, "Don't they make Pokeballs with locks?" That was funny. Anyway, seeing TR use a truck for once instead of their balloon was interesting, and we got to see Jessie drive, which is rare. That Octillery was pretty smart, latching onto the truck and leaving a trail of little puddles of water. I was surprised Jessie didn't send out Arbok to battle Octillery, but I guess she was too busy getting knocked down by its Headbutt. And Octillery Headbutting the tank to release the Remoraid was cool, as was the Remoraid finally recognizing it as their friend and the leader of their group. It's funny how Ash forgot about Team Rocket, being so caught up with making sure Octillery was OK. We even saw Octillery's signature move, Octazooka, to blast TR off. And when all the Remoraid evolved at the end, it was cool. Misty's line was funny:

Misty: "Just when they realized you don't have to look the same to be friends, they all do!"

And at the end we got to see the stadium fill up with water, giving a little preview of what the battles are going to be like. Overall, this was a relatively standard filler, since its only real purpose was to feature/introduce Octillery, which hurts its score a little bit, but it's still a little better than normal. Its timing (being just before the Whirl Cup) and some of the funny lines in it help the score though.

Geodude's rating: 6 out of 10