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The Perfect Match!

Pretty good episode, love the double entendre in the title. The battles were really fun to watch -- how could you not want to see Ash and Misty battle each other? -- but a little too simplified. The battles in the previous episode were at least a bit more strategic. Nice to see Ash's Kingler again, and its Crabhammer was ultra-cool, but I don't know how Ash could've "forgot" about how Psyduck's Psychic abilities are activated when it gets a headache. Misty's battle against Trinity was cool too. Too bad for the dub mistake when Brock explained how Mirror Coat works though. He said it "only works against Water attacks" when he should have said it "only works against special attacks", as proven a minute later when Corsola successfully Mirror Coated a Spark from Trinity's Chinchou. They did get it right though when Brock explained that a Pokemon still takes damage when using Mirror Coat.
Team Rocket was funny in this episode too, with James complaining about getting cramps from standing in the same position for so long, and Jessie hesitating about the plan. Jessie's Wobbuffet fishing lure was funny, especially since Wobby seems to be her least favorite of her two Pokemon. The quadruple Water Gun used to blast them off (from the competitors' Feraligatr and Golduck, as well as Misty's Poliwhirl and Ash's Totodile) was cool. Pikachu's Thunderbolt was pretty much overkill after that, since TR had "blasted off already", but it was funny.
I never much liked Maya's voice, to me her VA sounds inexperienced; as if she's just reading her lines instead of acting them. But the scene where she thanked Ash and Misty for their help was funny, because after she did so:

Brock: (jumps over to Maya) Oh, it was nothing!
Misty: (pulls Brock away by the ear) And that's just what you did, nothing.

A solid episode overall. Could've been better, but certainly could have been a lot worse.

Geodude's rating: 7.5 out of 10