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Plant it Now...Diglett Later

I thought this was an excellent episode. At the beginning, TR falling into their own pitfall while the trio fell into another one that TR didn't dig was funny. When they met Rita and Sue, it was interesting how even Team Rocket agreed to help. The elderly mayor and town council were funny since they couldn't even remember the reason they needed help. I was again surprised at Team Rocket for genuinely agreeing to help out, in return for that feast. The leader of the band of Diglett thieves was pretty cool. I liked his line: "We're a band of Diglett thieves known as The Band of Diglett Thieves!" I was a little suspicious when James sent the twerps on that "spy mission" to release the theives' Dodrio because it looked like TR was just going to relax while they did the work, but James wasn't finished yet. They, with the help of the elderly townspeople (who were surprisingly spry) and the Diglett, dug a bunch of pitfalls to trap the thieves. When the trio found out who the band of "thieves" actually were, the story they told was original (in comparison to many of the other fillers we've seen) and interesting. I liked how the trio helped with the act by having their Pokemon attack, with the assurance that the "thieves" wouldn't really get hurt and could fend off the attacks easily with their various equipment. The two old men dancing to Crobat's Supersonic was hilarious. I really felt bad for Team Rocket, they didn't understand that the "raid" was just an act and were really attacking the "thieves". Ash couldn't tell them the truth otherwise their cover would be blown, but he couldn't stand by and let them get attacked with those bombs either, so he was forced to blast them off. It's too bad they'll probably never understand why though, as Jessie complained while they were being blasted off.

Overall, an original, excellent episode, but as mentioned, it's too bad TR didn't fully understand what happened and the end and therefore didn't get to be properly thanked by the elderly villagers.

Geodude's rating: 9 out of 10