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Takin' It On the Chinchou!

What's up with that title? It's a pointless joke that had nothing to do with the episode... Anyway, it was a solid episode. Chinchou's introduction was cool, and seeing Ash get Sparked by it, not once but twice, was funny. Misty (of course) thought it was 00ber-cute, once again showing how nutty she is over Water-types. And differing from the standard Pokemon-of-the-day filler, this one was a little different, what with the explanation of the Parade of the Chinchou, and how Dayton and his father had the honor of leading it. Team Rocket's net machine sort-of backfiring was funny, when it ended up stealing the bridge and sinking instead of succesfully stealing the Chinchou. Upon the group's separation, the little war of words between Ash and Misty was classic. I also liked the scene where Ash told Totodile to use Water Gun on the Chinchou, so Totodile obediently started to attack, but Ash stopped it just in time and explained that "the water's just to make the Chinchou healthy again." Then Totodile got the idea (you didn't need a Pokemon language translator or anything to understand that it said "Oh, that's what you meant!"...that was cute) and shot its Water Gun straight up. At the end, I didn't quite understand why Dayton had to let his Chinchou, Bright, go just because the other ones were, but oh well. The departure scene was done well. Nothing outstanding here, but an amusing and solid episode nonetheless.

Geodude's rating: 7 out of 10