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Why? Wynaut!

Great episode. Wobbuffet's encounters with Wynaut were funny. I liked how Clair hung around and helped the trio look for the badges, that was nice of her. And I liked how Noctowl and Bayleef worked together, and how they had those little "conversations" as they were looking for the badges. It was different than what we're used to, and nice to see two Pokemon working together in a different way, and getting lots of screen time in the episode. This episode proved Bayleef to be very strong, as it was able to throw Ash up to Team Rocket's balloon "one-vined". He would've gotten there too, if TR hadn't turned on the gas. I also liked how Wynaut jumped in front of Bayleef and Wooper to use Counter, surprising TR.

Geodude's rating: 10 out of 10