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You're a Star, Larvitar!

What a great episode! The title was ok, since this really was Larvitar's episode to shine, which I'll get to in a minute. That Magby was cool with its Dynamicpunch and Double Team, and I liked how Satchel explained his reasons for wanting it to evolve. Looks like he gave Ash a bit of food for thought, which is a good thing. Too bad Ash didn't think to have Cyndaquil use Swift against that Double Team, but maybe Swift doesn't work that way in the anime, so that was ok.
The episode was also the first appearance of Quilava in the anime. I liked how its trainer was training it by having it use Flamethrower to knock down those frisbees.
TR's plan seemed standard at first (suck up all the Pokemon then cart them away) but they were actually smart this time and transferred them to a truck instead of their balloon. And they actually managed to tie up Ash! I liked how Larvitar used Bite on the truck's tire, and Dig to get into the cabin and reach Ash. Ash just had Larvitar with him so I love how he had to use sneaky tactics, stay in hiding, etc. so he and Larvitar could save the Pokemon. And Larvitar used Dig again to get to the truck, and Bite again on its tire a few minutes later. Then everyone else got there and the battle began. Ash's little argument with TR was funny, as was that "big head" effect that's usually reserved for Misty.  I really didn't expect Jessie to whirl Arbok around and toss it like that, I guess she was getting desperate. And when Magby evolved, Jessie told Arbok to use Take Down on it, there's a first. And I liked the scene at the end:
Ash: "My Pokemon may not have evolved yet but they've got power and heart. Now it's up to me to make sure that gets used in all the right ways."
Brock: "You'll be just fine."
Misty: "And we'll be there with you."

An excellent episode with character development for Ash and Larvitar.

Geodude's rating: 10 out of 10